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An exaggerated image of Bobby Brown's dynamic stage presence and keen knack for grandeur created a character so large and so black only a voice as big as Tevin Campbell's could fill its empty spaces.

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Admittedly, though, it's likely that part of the decision to stick with that black sound for this black movie had to do with how late in the game Disney was in making it when Brown's spot opened up.

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The Enduring Legacy of Disney's Black Millennial Classic 'A Goofy Movie'

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Other Renaissance-era movies featured songs that were Grammy and Academy Award-winning hits—songs that have been sung in theaters and opera houses all over the world—but none of them feel as good as Powerline's ode to seeing relationship's through.

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The world this movie called its home definitely felt familiar for young black boys and young black girls.

Description: The only thing wrong with the way some people remember the Renaissance is that, in most cases, they only include the ten films that were produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation now known as Walt Disney Animation Studios. As for his voice and his music, however, the character might have actually benefited from the loss.

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