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When the driver asks what was happening in the back of the ambulance, Angela simply replies "Just taking care of business.

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Angela doesn't respond until Paul leaves, when she speaks for the first time, telling him 'good night'.

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The act proved fatal, as young Angela suffered a complete psychological breakdown and began murdering her fellow campers and counselors and the camp owner but most of them were out of revenge for picking on her and Ricky, so she has some sanity.

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Archie Liberace apparently played Angela while she was naked in the ending, although it is not confirmed if you search the movie's title in IMDb Archie Liberace is credited as Naked Angela.

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Angela was just a name given to Peter because her aunt liked it a lot and "thinks it means angel" which explains why she calls [Angela] "my little angel".

Description: He tries to avenge his son's death but fails.

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